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Security is a necessity in today’s world. It’s very important for people to feel secure and at peace, especially with terrorist attacks and security threats being rampant lately. For some people, especially celebrities and other notable and famous people, the concern for safety is genuine while for others, it’s a simple over-reaction to a scare or simply a bad feeling. Whichever reason is behind it, people have been spending a lot lately on the security to keep themselves safe and secure wherever they go. 


CCTVBAZAAR.COM is an exclusive security portal that was born out of the desire to connect the buyers and sellers in Security Industry. At, we deliver up-to-date security directories- information of manufacturers, re-sellers, dealers and distributors of the best and finest brands in Security technology. If you’re looking for a new innovation in the field of security, protection and surveillance, is the ideal place to satiate your desire. Apart from current and real time information on protective technology and products, we also offer information on security jobs, upcoming security events, Security News and Security articles. We collect data from different sources and collate them for our clients who are interested, depending on their particular field of interest.



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CCTVBAZAAR.COM is a portal where all your security needs can be met. All you have to do is register, provide the necessary information and you’ll be opened up to a world of endless possibilities in security and surveillance. Register with us at to get started. You can rest assured that our site is completely secured and as such, all your confidential information is completely safe with us.

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